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“Adopt an olive tree” project

An innovative interactive experience for you or your loved ones that effectively allows you to ‘grow your own tree’ from afar and enjoy its ‘fruits’ for yourself! By adopting your own Organic Olive Tree from within Liotrivi Organic Estate, you will have the following personal benefits.

Choose your preferred tree ‘variety’ and related terrain from within our Estate

Name it! A label will be nominated that will demonstrate adopter ownership & tree identity

Enjoy your personal Adoption Certificate for a year!

Receive individual information about your Olive Tree (its origin, age, description etc.)

Be involved in its care by receiving regular updates, photos & interactive visuals

We will keep you informed of the progress of your tree by sending you updated digital photos that you can share with your family & friends!

Learn about the stages of its organic cultivation & labor: during the year, we will look after your tree, including its watering, pruning, cleaning & harvesting

Enjoy the EVOO that your personal tree yields within the period that you are adopting it (5 liters per annuum)

Visit it & get involved with our wholesome agro-tourism Monemvasia Recreation Experience! We offer you a full-board overnight stay during the harvesting period (from November 15th to December 15th, not including drinks) upon request, so that you can visit us and help with the harvesting of your tree while taking your fresh personal EVOO with you

You will be receiving 5 litters of upper quality, cold-pressed organic EVOO from your own tree directly on your door (even if your olive tree does not produce the whole amount within the year of adoption, we guarantee that you will receive the rest from the variety of your choice)

Adoption Specifications

  • Your package will be forwarded to you from the 15 of November to the 15th of December. This marks the beginning of our harvesting and it can guarantee that you will receive the best quality fresh EVOO (and also before Christmas!)
  • We offer different options of packaging according to your preference: 250ml tins, 500ml tins or 1 liter tins (cylindrical). We can also package your produce in 250ml or 500ml glass bottles
  • The packaging will have blank labels so you may write your personal information when offering them as a gift (to yourself or to others!)
  • Our packaging is included in the price
  • Our shipping is made through DHL which guarantees safe and fast shipment of your goods
  • Shipping is weight-proportional and is not included in the final price


Please note

  • For every adoption you help us donate 1 liter of olive oil to UNICEF
  • The confirmation of your purchase will be send by email. We are not responsible for any misplaced email (please check spam)
  • We will contact you by email to confirm your shipping address. It is very important to correspond in such a case.
  • It is important to establish communication with you via email as soon as possible, from the moment you make your adoption. Please send us an email to adoptions@liotrivi.info and please always check your spam folder, if you don’t receive anything from us within a week.
  • LIOTRIVI ORGANIC ESTATE will only use your personal details provided within the application form solely for contact reasons and for providing you adoption updates.