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Our Building in History

Olive Oil Museum

Our historical museum is located within the settlement of Velies, in an Estate surrounded by olive groves, fruit orchards, fresh herbs and blossoms centered by our modern hospitality facilities.

The origin of our building dates to Byzantine years, where it functioned as a winery, whose fame reached the ports of the Mediterranean and Europe as it produced one of the most famous wines known as Malvasia Wine*.

Yiannis Ritsos

The building’s historical route journeyed through the Greek Revolution of 1821 and for about 100 years later (until 1928) it was the vacation residence of the accredited Monemvasian poet Mr. Yiannis Ritsos.

Klapsis Family

In 1929 the building was bought by our grandfather, Mr. Kyriakos Klapsis snr. and was later transformed into a traditional olive mill, after being equipped with modern equipment for that era. It operated in this form until 1967.

Since that time, the building still functions as a museum of olive pressing, showcasing the original machinery and traditional practices utilized by our forerunners. Today this magnificent museum is waiting to introduce you to the heritage and methodology of preparing pure extra virgin olive oil and table olives. Upon request we offer organized tours, olive oil and olive tasting, wine tasting, cooking classes as well as introductions to our supreme delicatessen products.

The purpose of these activities is to provide you with a hands-on gastronomical experience of tasting unique flavors, while enriching your knowledge of pure agricultural tradition and practices.