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The Laconian land is a place full of contradictions. Groves bursting with citrus, olive trees, and ambrosial flowers ~ surrounded by mountains enraptured by scents of thyme, oregano and heather to name but a few. All the while the idyllic terrestrial is enveloped by coastal winds stemming from the fencing sea. The multifarious geological richness is what makes Laconia a fortress for exuberant beekeeping.
At Liotrivi Organic Estate we are very proud to collaborate with excellent local beekeepers who meet our ethical and quality standards in honey-making. We can therefore safely offer organic honey that is raw, cold extracted, cold filtered and unpasteurized, that successfully captures every floral or herbal note that each blissfully represents. Bring a dash of nutritious sweetness to your breakfasts, afternoon herbal brews or dairy / fruit snacks with some delicious varieties of wildflower, herb or thyme honeys. Each jar is infused with one of our terroir’s treasures whose vibrant blooms are a signature of sensation and character, bringing the Laconian ‘whiff’ straight to your table!

Standards which Constitute our
Honey Varieties Distinct:

  • Conscious collaborators meeting our ethical & quality standards
  • Organically cultivated agriculture
  • Raw, cold-extracted and cold-filtered honey
  • Honey that is not heat-treated or blended (might get granulation when chilled)
  • Unpasteurized & minimally filtered to retain its maximized natural goodness.
  • Naturally Vegetarian
  • Perfect for own use or as delicious nutritious presents in assorted deli food-baskets!


The Laconian ‘whiff’ straight to your table!



300gr & 500gr

A unique honey derived from the nectar of a large variety of wildflowers from the rich flora of uncontaminated mountains in Parnon Laconia.
The honey is produced by selected bees that graze among varied wildflower blossoms which cover mountainous crops and vineyards.
It is a versatile honey with a characteristic stout floral flavor and blooming aroma rich in nutrients and trace elements.
Perfect for every day, infusions of herbal teas and breakfasts.

Clear Runny Wildflower Honey

Liotrivi.Shop Wild Herbs Honey


300gr & 500gr

This production stems from the organic herbal oasis immersed in the territory of the Laconian Parnon Mountains. The optimal blooming conditions for native wild herbs such as oregano, thyme and heather are peaked during the spring, summer and autumn each year.
The result brings forth a unique, medium strength set honey with an explosive combination of verdant aromas and botanical flavors, boasting a wide variety of nutrients and health promoting elements, while satisfying even the most demanding of palates.

Set Wild Herb Honey

Liotrivi.Shop Thyme Honey


300gr & 500gr

Wild thyme that grows in the dry and stony soil of Monemvasia Laconia which is considered a beekeeper’s “holy grail” precisely because it produces an extremely aromatic honey with maximized nutritional properties.
Thicker in consistency with a botanical flavor, this incredible yield enacts wonders when used medicinally whilst offering prolonging optimal wellbeing benefits when utilized daily. As such, it can be swirled into cups of herbal teas, drizzled across bowlfuls of natural yoghurt, or simply used to top-off toasts or muffin waffles.

Pure Wild Thyme Honey

Heather Honey 500


300gr & 500gr

Heather honey is a honey with a particularly high nutritional value and is one of the best options for body stimulation. It has a characteristic full flavor with aromatic notes of caramel, a strong earthy aroma of heather flowers and a special red-bronze color. It is rich in antioxidant properties and manganese.
Heather honey has been shown to have a number of many health benefits. It works as a natural laxative, improves memory and is anti-carcinogenic properties.

Pure Heather Honey