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Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) has been referred to as ‘liquid gold’ by Homer (the author of The Iliad and The Odyssey). The ancient Greeks knew this, while the father of Western medicine, Hippocrates considered it precious for human longevity with more than 60 therapeutic applications of wellness. EVOO is a protagonist of the Mediterranean diet and is renowned as a nutritional treasure with innumerous benefits for the health.
Merging time honored knowledge with the most advanced pharmaceutical and technological faculties, we have produced the best fortified remedial oils stemming from the Olive Tree possible. At Liotrivi Organic Estate we offer four elite organic medicinal EVOOs, each extracted and produced in their own meticulous way while holding separate distinctive properties, composition and a signature taste.

While the altitude, microclimate, soil propensity and cultivation at our Estate are noteworthy for the organoleptic specifications of our curative EVOOS, it is our meticulous production processes that make these products holistically premium. Essentially, we utilize advanced and targeted oil-extraction methods that yield the most luscious, pure, rejuvenating oils possible. Our superior EVOO remedies offer protective, restorative, as well as therapeutic properties to the whole body.

Our panacea varieties are as follows:

  1. EVOO from Ancient Wild Olive Trees that are positioned in a remote mountainous region within our estate. Eases blood pressure, diabetes & supports brain function.
  2. Re-booting Kalamata Tree EVOO, booming in antitoxin oleocanthal and oleacein.
  3. Unfiltered Early-Harvested EVOO abundant in antioxidant polyphenols. Protects cells from oxidative stress, free radicals, cancer as well as heart disease.
  4. John’s Wort Medicated Olive Oil Infusion, effective for the treatment of muscle tissue damage, minor wounds as well as calming the nervous system (not EVOO).

(Jimenez-Lopez et al., 2020)

Standards which Constitute our Medicinal EVOOs Distinct:

  • Private, organically cultivated trees & hypericum plants
  • Carefully selected hand-picked fruits & herbs
  • Fruits pressed / herbs infused on the same day of harvesting
  • Cold-extracted oils at below 20°C with a low acidity of <0.3%
  • Appropriate filtration levels depending on each variety
  • Maximized nutritional density & polyphenolic content
  • Stored in light & oxygen protective stainless-steel tanks, at controlled temperatures
  • Hypericum infusion sunbathed in EVOO for 2 months, yielding organic St’ John’s Wort
  • Products sold in element-protective bottles for maximized shelter & freshness

Our Recommendation: For maximized results we recommend that you consume two tablespoons of your desired Raw Medicinal EVOO Daily, half an hour before your breakfasts, followed by a tall glass of water !

Fun Fact: « In Greek mythology Hercules brought the Wild Olive Tree with him after the completion of his deeds and planted it in Olympia. The wild olive wreath, also known as a kotinos of peace, was made from intertwined branches that formed a circle and was given as a prize to the Olympians.»



Extra Virgin Olive Oil stemming from wild ancient trees located in a hard to find mountainous terrain within our Estate. These ancient trees exist within a remote region that stretches on hillsides (80-150 m. high) in the greater area of South-Eastern Peloponnese in a landscape wholly free of chemicals or pesticides. Due to the elevated altitude of the slope, the temperature is higher during the winter while the properties needed for cultivation are linked to the rocky ground which ensures effective drainage of the soil. Their south planting orientation as well as their well-tended groves are noteworthy, as well as the surrounding frenzy of wild herbs and flowers which metastasize onto the organoleptic character of this highly sophisticated oil.
Wild Extra Virgin Olive Oil is hard to come by. Its foliage is small in scale, its growth is slow, and its fruit is compact with a low yield of oil. On average, 20 to 30 kilos of fruit are necessary to yield 1 liter of wild EVOO, which is why only a few manufacturers in the world produce it.
When properly harvested and pressed, the oil stemming from the wild olive tree contains maximum concentrations of pharmaceutically significant substances. In isolation, wild EVOO has four times the therapeutic elements of an average EVOO. Our wild selection conforms to higher standards required by pharmaceutical products, holding a strong health claim (EU Health Claim 432/2012). It is cold pressed without its kernel and provides significant organoleptic propensities, distinctive identity, a refined taste of wild nature while being a rejuvenating panacea for the whole body.

Some of the major health benefits of Wild EVOO:

  • Lowers harmful cholesterol (LDL) in the blood
  • Lowers blood pressure & helps treat hypertension
  • Helps the smooth functioning of the arteries & prevents the formation of blood clots
  • Due to its content of vitamin E, helps the smooth aging process and is essential for the elderly
  • Helps the proper functioning of the metabolism and is essential for those suffering from diabetes, because it balances sugar
  • Proves to be a balm for the stomach, as it strengthens the digestive system and reduces the risk of developing stomach ulcers and gastritis
  • Contributes to the proper functioning of the brain, as well as to good bone health, in particular for young children, as it helps in the absorption of calcium

Our Recommendation: Consume one tablespoon every morning before your breakfast, on empty stomach.

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An innovative, one of a few, superfood EVOO stemming from Kalamata (the Kalamon) tree or otherwise known as the Kalamata Olive. This exceptional produce is characterized by its advanced polyphenolic content (oleacein and oleocanthal) comprising of a booming 500 to 2,000 mg of polyphenols per liter. Its major advantage is its ability to give supreme benefits to the human body, especially as it concerns its cathartic action, while protecting the cells and DNA from damage. Research has revealed that oleocanthal is able to bind with harmful neurotoxins in a way that stops them attacking neurons which makes it easier for those toxins to be cleared by antibodies. Because of this ability, there is growing evidence that a regular consumption of an EVOO rich in oleocanthal can prevent the degradation of brain tissue that causes Alzheimer’s (Prof. Magiatis Prokopis. Pharmacognosy University of Athens, NKUA).

At Liotrivi Organic Estate we use advanced cold oil-extraction methods to produce one of the most luscious re-booting Greek olive oils, made 100% from the Kalamon Olive Tree variety. Our EVOO is organic and produced from unripe (green) Kalamata olives as well as semi-ripe (purple) Kalamata olives. The above factors give it a golden color, a peppery burning sensation stemming from the oleocanthal, the aroma of mature olive fruits, low acidity and a high content of Ω vitamins: all in a rare detoxifying superfood EVOO!

Some of the major health benefits of Kalamon Tree EVOO:

  • Inhibits the enzymes that cause inflammation
  • Particularly rich in fatty acids Ω-3 and Ω-6
  • Helps in multiple sclerosis by stopping the degeneration of nerve cells
  • Removes the toxic substance called amyloid which causes senile dementia
  • Protects the walls of blood vessels from atherosclerotic plaque which leads to heart attack and stroke
  • Helps prevent cancer of the breast, prostate and other types, protects cells and DNA from any damage that may lead to cancer
  • It lowers bad cholesterol (LDL) in the blood thus helping the arteries to function properly and preventing blood clots from forming, lowering blood pressure and helping to treat hypertension
  • It detoxifies and effectively relieves constipation when two tablespoons are consumed 30 minutes before breakfast and repeated 30 minutes before bedtime, daily, on an empty stomach

Our Recommendation: Consume one tablespoon every morning before your breakfast, on empty stomach.

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A fresh EVOO that is created through the pressing of unripe olives while they are still green.  The oil retains its bright green color due to the chlorophylls of the unripen fruit, ensuring it delivers superior concentration of antioxidant properties. Pedanius Dioscorides, a first-century Greek botanist and military physician, was the first to recognize that the healthiest type of oil was extracted from certain varieties of early-harvested olives. He would recommend the use of this remedial «omfakion» elixir for toothaches and headaches, something like modern non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Its cell-reconstructing propensity has been confirmed by scientists, whose empirical studies have added to the long list of benefits. Its highly antioxidant activity is related to the elevated presence of tocopherols with a predominance in vitamin E as well as polyphenols. The maximum quantity of antioxidants helps to avoid excessive damage from oxidative stress, which has been linked to the prevention of illnesses such as chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, diabetes, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, atherosclerosis and cancer. Leading researchers posit that its positive effect on the cardiovascular system and longevity is directly related to a daily intake of low doses of its substance (Jimenez-Lopez et al., 2020).


The superior nutritional value of this produce is intertwined by its intensely bitter and somewhat spicy after-feel. It is thick, truly unfiltered while it captures the intense chlorophyll aromas of freshly picked unripe olives and cleanly cut grass.

Some of the major health benefits of Early-Harvested EVOO:

  • An elite, revered for centuries, early harvested EVOO
  • Cold pressed, meeting with stringent standards of quality and purity
  • Made exclusively from nutrient dense organic, unripe Athinoelia olives
  • Effectively protects the cardiovascular system and lowers blood pressure
  • Helps the liver to function and is ideal for the diet of people suffering from diabetes and heart disease
  • Helps promote longevity by preventing all types of cancer while protecting the cells and DNA from any damage that may lead to cancer
  • Particularly rich in α-tocopherol (vitamin E), oleic (Ω-9), linoleic (Ω-6), α-linolenic (Ω-3) arachidonic (Ω-6) and β-carotene (vitamin A)
  • Rich and unfiltered, capturing all the vitamins, minerals and polyphenols which protect cells from oxidative stress, active oxygen and free radicals

Our Recommendation: Consume one tablespoon every morning before your breakfast, on empty stomach.

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St. John’s Wort medicated balsam oil (also known as hypericum balm or sword grass) is known since antiquity as a medicated oral supplement, muscle and skin ointment in one. Relatedly, it was used meticulously by ancient Spartans as a healing agent and its original name «sword grass» originates by its use on wounded soldiers.

Prepared with proverbial care, our St. John’s Wort medicated balsam is created using our own hand-picked, organically grown hypericum plants from within Liotrivi Organic Estate. The characteristic native yellow grass-like flowers bloom within our mountainous regions during late spring. After their collection, they are placed into a cool, dark area to properly dry for 10 days. Thereafter, they are placed within glass jars and are filled with our Organic Athinoelia Extra Virgin Olive Oil variety and are air vacuumed under the sun. The solar-infused herbal brews are sunbathed for at least 2 months to ensure that the healing capacities of the herb are thoroughly penetrated by the EVOO, resulting in a deeply red ointment. It arrives to you ready to use. It is kept outside the refrigerator for a long time.

Our St. John’s Wort Medicated Balsam can be used orally for the following benefits:

  • Diuretic
  • Tonic for weakened organisms
  • Analgetic for the nervous system
  • Relieving gastric and intestinal disorders
  • Anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and antipyretic
  • Aids the proper functioning of the central nervous system
  • Soothing and relieving for bronchitis, coughing and asthma
  • Increases the levels of the mood-supporting neurotransmitter serotonin

St. John’s Wort Medicated Balsam can be used topically for the following benefits:

  • Natural antiseptic action for multiple skin lesions, burns and edemas
  • Excellent for various skin conditions such as acne scarring, dry skin, herpes or psoriasis
  • Anti-inflammatory properties similar to ibuprofen for use on wounds and muscle damage
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