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The fruit of the olive tree has always been at the core of traditional Mediterranean gastronomy, not only for its flavorful capacity but also for its nutritional value. The health components of table olives have been commended by studies to include bioactive elements, essential amino acids as well as core vitamins and minerals, making them a wholesome nutritious supplement.
At Liotrivi Organic Estate we utilize traditional cultivation and harvesting methods combined with contemporary knowledge to elevate and offer these healthy snacks at a new level. We are proud to offer olives that are fresh, crunchy, full of bold flavor and authentic taste: specializing in three best-seller varieties to let your pallet travel into time, space and tradition.

Standards which Constitute our Olives Distinct:

  • Cultivated with care purely from organically grown olive trees
  • Hand-picked & prepared traditionally to avoid bruising
  • Naturally cured in brine made from locally collected fresh sea-salt
  • Without any artificial speeding methods, curing takes place between 6-9 months (ensuring fermentation process activates lactobacillus cultures)
  • Olives are not pasteurized thus retaining utmost natural and nutritional benefits
  • Free from any artificial flavors, additives or pesticides, naturally vegan
  • Vacuum packed with love in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, vinegar or lemon marinades


A Splendid Suggestion: Olives are a great snack and can be eaten at any time of the day. You can also add them to your salad, on your pizza or in your red homemade sauce. Don’t forget to include them in your cheese platters, as they are great paired with cheese, crackers and other small goods.



Kalamon Olives

Kalamon Olives are chiefly found on the Peloponnese peninsula within southern Greece. This dark cherry-sized fruit not only tastes great but is praised by doctors and dieticians as one of the healthiest foods on earth as it is high in sodium, rich in healthy fats and contains natural antioxidants.
At Liotrivi Organic Estate, Kalamon Olives are harvested by hand at the time when they have a suitable size and have a natural black color which proves their precise stage of ripening. Their curing takes place in water and natural sea salt for about seven months, giving the fruit a firm and shiny appearance as well as a rich aroma and a sweet distinctive taste, which is characteristic for this variety. The olives are then marinated in vinegar.
This is an ideal product for snacking, platter serving, for the most popular ‘Greek-salad’ but also as an accompaniment to any meal.

Liotrivi.Shop Green Olives


Athinoelia Olives

Fresh robust green olives harvested from our orchards, which present a very smooth flavor and enduring taste. Athinoelia Olives are picked and sorted by hand before going through the process of becoming ripen and preserved in brine from natural sea salt.
This variety presents low acidity and is marinated in lemon juice. As always fresh and special, this is an authentic raw material utilized in native traditional dishes. These fruits are excellently combined with seasonal greens, boiled vegetables as well as raw seasonal salads.
They represent a subtly fresh delicious appetizer of the Mediterranean diet, truly enjoyed with one of our dry wines.