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Organic farming is a method of cultivation in which the use of pesticides, including plant growth regulators, hormones as well as additives and synthetic fertilizers is zero.
Organic farming aims to create a system of sustainable management of agriculture and the production of upper quality products while aiming at the production of a wide variety of foods and other agricultural products that meet consumer demand for products produced by processes that do not harm the environment, human health, plant health or general living conditions.
The cultivation of traditional varieties, which are harmonized by the climate of our region and the traditional way of cultivation with methods friendly to the environment and humans, supplemented with modern practices of quality optimization, are the model of cultivation and production that we follow.

At Liotrivi Organic Estate we cultivate about 3000 olive trees of various local varieties, from which we produce excellent quality pure virgin olive oil of organic cultivation with mainly manual techniques (without the use of chemical substances and pesticides). In this way, we achieve outstanding results by producing and packaging organic EVOOs of top quality, rich in nutrients with antioxidant properties as well as very low acidity.
In addition, we produce three types of health protective pure Medicinal EVOOs with maximized indices of phenols and polyphenols and with special antioxidant properties (health claimed backed by Chemistry Certificates).
Furthermore, we produce three types of organic table olives, where the collection and process of production is undertaken manually achieving very good quality of final produce as well as fresh flavor.
We also cultivate 30,000 vine plants from local Peloponnesian varieties, as well as modern European ones. The traditional way of cultivation and vinification as well as the application of innovative techniques have contributed to the production of 12 types of organic and conventional white and red grape wines. Each type of wine is different in taste, as they come from diverse assortments, all with excellent quality.
For the last 10 years, we also cultivate our own fruit trees as well as various types of vegetables and herbs within Liotrivi Organic Estate. With this first-rate raw material, we create our jams, spoon sweets, dried fruits, various pates, sauces and spreads.
Our whole production system stems from organically grown procedures. In this way, our final produce is always pure, nutrient-dense and fresh. While respecting traditional methodologies and recipes stemming from our predecessors, we have developed top-notch modernized facilities and sophisticated practices that ensure the upper quality of everything that we have to offer. We continue to learn, change and develop, as this is a core identifying value of our family heritage.

For our small family historic business, the quality of the products that we produce is not only a pursuit, but also an obligation.
Upper caliber standards continue to characterize our products for many years. Our pursuits aim to be in favor of quality rather than quantity. Our philosophy and principles push us towards premium quality results.
The healthy and long-term cooperation of the people who work in the company give us the advantage of experience that is our main asset.
We work with respect for each other’s effort, possessing a team spirit. Every day we give our best, trying to improve, with the common goal of ensuring the at most quality of our products.
Our common vision and common goals inspire us daily for last 100 years, utilizing the natural wealth of our region, the traditional recipes, methods and practices that are continuously improved. Passing from generation to generation we aim to offer you products with top quality identity.
Your advocacy, participation and trust are a great moral motivation to continue our ongoing efforts to offer produce of maximized taste and caliber.