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High quality organic extra virgin olive oil stemming from the local variations of the groves within Liotrivi Estate. Our olives are grown and fertilized under organic farming procedures while being harvested by hand through careful traditional techniques. The olive oil is extracted on the same day of harvesting using specialized machines that ensure cold pressing of the fruit. Our final produce is unfiltered and decolorized through the process of natural sedimentation, without the use of any chemically imbued or technical procedures. The result is an EVOO that is pure with a rich clear taste, complex aromas and a maximized amount of beneficial propensities.
At Liotrivi Estate, being one of the most prominent cultivars within or region, we boast an overall of 3000 of olive trees, spanning across 200 acres of land in the semi-mountainous region of South-eastern Peloponnese. Of these, about 500 belong to the Athinoelia variety, 2,000 trees to the Koroneiki and 500 to the rare Myrtoelia category. Unfailingly offering the best of the best that Lakonia has to offer, we produce for your pleasure, a variety of four different unique EVOO propositions, that you can appreciate according to your preferences.

Standards which Constitute our EVOOs Distinct:

  • Organic agricultural principles & hand-picked techniques
  • Fruit pressed on the same day of harvesting
  • Cold-extraction method (under 22 °C).
  • Low acidity <0.3%
  • Truly unfiltered
  • Final produce rich in polyphenols & antioxidants
  • Abundance of rich fruity, spicy, complex as well as subtle & balanced flavors
  • High nutritional density outcomes (polyphenols, fatty acids & antioxidants)
  • A thought-through selection rich in nutritional value for daily use
  • Produce maintained in an oxygen vacuum for maximized freshness


A variety of four different unique EVOO propositions


The variety of Athinoelia (in Greek translated as “Athena” olive tree) is a historically acclaimed EVOO that has been exclusively cultivated in southern Lakonia, in the municipality of Monemvasia, Peloponnese since the age of Homer (1200 BC). Known as a sacred variety denoting to the Goddess Athena, it is a sporadic and precious variation due to its demanding nature that requires careful care in its agronomy while the fruit is susceptible to high altitudes and strong cold winds. The oil can be distinguished by its characteristic golden-green color and its robust fruitiness with the prevailing notes of citrus fruits and almonds. Its taste is powerfully fresh, harmonious and well balanced with a delicately spicy finish. As it has been praised for its bold aromatic capacity, while boasting a high amount of polyphenols, we suggest that it should be enjoyed raw in its natural state or as an additive at the end of cooking. As such, it is idyllic for salads, cold dishes and spreads. Our produce, once again, is of superb merit with a low acidity of less than 0.3% and represents our best-seller across all of our olive oil selections.


Mirtoelia (Myrtoelia or Mourtoelia, meaning “cranberry olive”) is an ancient, yet not very common, Laconian olive variety recognized for its unique nutritional value. It has been traditionally cultivated within the region of Monemvasia and produces a black, small in size fruit. The olive oil that it yields has a spicy flavor and a sturdy green aroma reminiscent of ‘freshly cut grass’. We find that its herbal essence is ideal for the use in gourmet cooking, fresh fish, intercontinental cuisine and in the preparation of any seafood dish.


Koroneïki (translated as the “queen of olives”) is present mainly in the southern Peloponnese. What separates these fruits and oil are (a) its unique process of cultivation and (b) the oil’s deep, bright green color, which offers a bittersweet smooth taste reminiscing of fruits with a predominance in apple. Specifically, these trees are pruned intensively once per annum in order to keep them small. The fruit is relatively small with an average weight of 1.3 grams. Under these structures and with the aim of safeguarding that the oil reaped from this range is superb, quantity hitherto is sacrificed in place of quality. Our produce is of upper value, boasting a delicate scent yet full bodied spicy after-feel and a low acidity which remains steady year-after-year. We find that it is excellent in use in preparing Mediterranean dishes, especially when utilized with the ‘slow cooking’ method.


Variety in olive oil as in all things is indeed the spice of life. One of the finest blends in Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This custom-built assortment comes from a measured merge of Myrtoelia, Koroneiki and Athinolia variations, generating a perfectly balanced medley. The final produce has an intense golden color and an aromatic whiff evoking of ripe olives. It encompasses a slightly bitter and spicy flavor while leaving a pleasant silky sensation to the oral cavity. This is one of our most popular EVOOs, boasting a full flavor frame and an intense character that is proposed for all manners of cuisine, meal preparation and usage.


This is a pack of 4 types of extra virgin organic olive oil that we produce on our estate (4 bottles x 100ml). The package has been priced at a minimum in order to get to know our flavors before placing your order.

  • The Athinoelia variety has a fruity taste and is ideal for salads and cold dishes.
  • The Koroneiki variety has a delicatessen taste and is ideal for cooking and particularly slow cooking.
  • The Myrtolia variety has a spicy and aromatic taste and is ideal for seafood.
  • The blend variety has a mild taste and is for all uses.


Extra Virgin Olive oil tasting experience is a chance for those who wish to gain knowledge about olive tree growing and olive oil production from the comfort of their house inviting their friends and relatives to a unique live meeting with a specialist from our family.

The presentation includes information about:

  • introduction of olive trees growing in Greece since ancient times.
  • olive tree cultivation and growing in our Estate.
  • What olive tree farmers do throughout the year
  • The six different varieties of olive oil which are produced in our organic estate.
  • Information about harvesting.
  • How to distinguish the extra virgin olive oil
  • olive oil production(stages of olive oil production in the olive mill)
  • acidity and proper bottling,storage.