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Come and Experience Agro-Tourism Coming to Life!


At Liotrivi Organic Estate we host a complete full-board package that you can explore further at our dedicated website Monemvasia Recreation Experience

Within our wholesome package, we offer hands-on experiences including:
  • Unique Types of Accommodation – depending at whether you want to escape by the sea or get lost within our olive orchards, we’ got you covered. Choose between a Byzantine, Mediterranean, Romantic, Natural, Rustic or Superior themed-suite and transcend completely.
  • Private Tours of the Estate – a comprehensive activity focusing on gaining experience around tradition, our produce, agriculture, architecture, as well as acquire acquaintance with the local cuisine and the Monemvasia Land in general.
  • Olive-Oil Tasting Seminars – inside our Historic Mansion at the Olive Museum, gain knowledge in the art of sensing the scents and flavors of disparate types of EVOO. Discern the plants, fruits & herbs surrounding each fruit variety as well as the methods of its oil extraction.
  • Wine-Tasting Seminars – within an expert 40-minute palatable experience you will gain knowledge on the diverse grape varieties used for each of our wines, as well as the secrets of vinification & process of oak barrel aging in evoking different aromatic capacities.
  • Encounter Fine Wine Dining – representative of our area, our ethos and the fertile nature of our land with its organic produce. All magically put together by our devoted chef, who has prepared a menu of flavor harmonies fused with delicious contradictions.
  • Interactive Cooking Classes – Within the gardens of our Estate, using organic raw material, grasp the company of our dedicative Chef & learn how to make stuffed vegetables, giouvetsi as well as whole-wheat bread in our outdoor wood-fired oven. As the food is baked and before your wholesome meal, enjoy a private tour of our Mansion.
  • Transfers and Laconian Trips – excursions to the recognized treasures of Laconia, including the Castle of Monemvasia, Caves of Kastania, Caves of Diros, Elafonissos & Mistras.