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At Liotrivi Organic Estate we produce fine handmade delicatessen products created from pure, organic fruits and vegetables. As we grow our own raw material in manageable quantities within our land, we can ensure supreme quality, organic cultivation and special care of our harvest. Whether you are looking for sustainably sourced savory or sweet delicacies, our jars are delightful for whipping up delicious midweek appetizers. From gluten-free pâté to vegan-friendly treats, our organic delicatessen has everything you need to complement your breakfasts, meze-style lunches as well as guest deserts.
Our ethos leans on tradition yet merges with modern knowledge, thus creating the tastiest and most nutrient-dense products possible. While our raw materials are home-grown, our final goods are also completely free of preservatives and harmful additives while being low in sugar and salt. We only use in-season fruits and vegetables in their time of ripening in order to bring forth their maximum sweetness and flavor and to avoid the use of any unnatural pectin. We take full advantage of the traditional technique of preserving and canning, offering exquisite preserves in mason jars as in the old established natural way.

Standards which Constitute our
Delicatessen Products Distinct:

  • Utilization of home-grown fruits and vegetables within our Estate
  • Organically cultivated agriculture
  • Jam-packed with hand-picked in-season, ripened fruits & vegetables
  • Products made without any pectin, preservatives or harmful additives
  • Naturally low in sugar & salt
  • Completely Vegan
  • Canned in the old traditional way, presenting you with delightful natural preserves
  • Perfect for own use or as delicious nutritious presents in assorted deli food baskets!


A variety of fine handmade delicatessen products



The royalty of jams, we just can’t praise them enough. Made with organic fruits hand-picked from within Liotrivi Organic Estate. A variety of ripe fruits are blended using traditional recipes passed from our predecessors to pack in flavor and texture, winning our jams spreads of awards. Completely free of pectin, low in sugar and naturally vegan, these are a perfect accompaniment to any fine breakfast or offered in a thoughtfully created deli food basket!

Free of pectin, preservatives and additives

Jam-packed in fiber and vitamins

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
We offer our delightful jams in the following flavors:
Apple, Apricot, Fig, Grape, Grapefruit, Kumquat, Orange, Peach, Prune, Tangerine.


A traditional Greek delight, ‘spoon sweets’ have always been used in Greece as a warm welcome to guests while playing a pivotal role to Greek hospitality. Our grandmothers and mothers could not imagine a visitor coming home without treating them with a spoonful of dessert.
At Liotrivi Organic Estate our spoon sweets are diligently made with our own organically grown fruits which are hand-picked chiefly during the summer months when there is an abundance of ripe fruit to preserve and create mouthwatering treats. True to their name, spoon sweets are served on spoons and are accompanied by a tall glass of cold water.

Free of pectin, preservatives and additives

Utilization of only natural aromas (vanilla, apple geranium etc)

Naturally rich in fiber and vitamins

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
We offer our delightful spoon sweets in the following flavors:
Grape, Kumquat, Prune, Quince, Rose Petal.



Pick up a jar of wonderfully tangy, organic vegan pâté made from our own hand-picked eggplants, carrots, onions, extra virgin olive oil and black pepper. Try yours with grilled meat or veggies, loaded onto hot dogs or alongside a potato salad. It is also a stunning side to a baked potato or a welcome crunch to a leafy salad. With all-natural ingredients, our vegetable pâté offers a wellspring of greens in a vase that is full of fiber while being gluten-free and vegan-friendly too.


Looking for an exotic taste of far-flung shores in your kitchen? Our sensational Secret Spread made with our own hand-picked organically harvested raw material, is just the ticket. This delicious chutney is expertly balanced meaning that you can taste the freshness of organic golden apples, the assortment of red peppers and the heat of ripened chilies. The sweetness of brown cane sugar completes the gastronomic contradictions sour, sweet and spicy flavors. Ideal for dunking veggies and crackers or adding a spoonful to burgers, sandwiches and salads for that extra punch. It is idyllic in accompanying assortments of cheeses, canapés and other small gourmet delights.