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Laconian land

suitable soil and climate, endless olive groves, long tradition of olive tree cultivation and centuries of knowledge on the olive harvest.
At the sunny olive groves of Liotrivi Organic Estate, the knowledge and experience passes down from generation to generation and aims to ensure the maximum quality of the olive oil, for this reason harvesting is carried out in the traditional way, manually and the olives are promoted to the olive oil mill the same day. The production of olive oil is carried out by cold pressing method at temperatures <20˚C, an essential factor in maintaining the beneficial properties of our olive oil.



High quality organic extra virgin olive oil of local varieties, from the olive groves of Liotrivi Estate. The olives are harvested by traditional techniques and the olive oil is produced by the method of soul pressing on the same day of harvest. Unfiltered, it suppresses with the method of natural precipitation, without technical procedures, olive oil with rich taste and with all its useful ingredients.
Immediate extraction of the olive fruit which is a key factor in the quality of the olive oil.


The typical Mediterranean climate of Laconia as well as its varied soil altitude are the two factors that have contributed to the cultivation and development of a variety of varieties in the area from ancient times until today with the most famous variety Malvasia, for which there are historical reports that was the most popular wine in the courts of kings throughout Europe.
The local varieties of white wines that can be found in Laconia are Monemvasia, Roditis, Malagouzia, Kidonitsa.
While from local red wines the varieties Agiorgitiko, Mavroudi, Smyrnio are very common.
At the same time, apart from the local varieties, the climate favors other European varieties, such as Cabernet, Merlot, Grenache Rose.
At Liotrivi Organic Estate all the above local and European varieties are cultivated. Harvesting is carried out every September manually with great care, producing small quantities of high quality. The procedure of wine -making is carried out in the winery of the estate with all the modern methods and the bottling of the wines in oxygen isolation conditions ensuring the highest quality to the consumer.