Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Koroneiki

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Koroneiki Variety “Delicate” – Classical Peloponnesian.
Classical traditional variety of high-quality pure virgin olive oil, which due to its reputation is cultivated all over the world. Nowhere else though does it yield the quality and the taste of delicato as in its homeland.

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Classical Peloponnesian

Koroneïki (translated as the “queen of olives”) is present mainly in the southern Peloponnese. What separates these fruits and oil are (a) its unique process of cultivation and (b) the oil’s deep, bright green color, which offers a bittersweet smooth taste reminiscing of fruits with a predominance in apple. Specifically, these trees are pruned intensively once per annum in order to keep them small. The fruit is relatively small with an average weight of 1.3 grams.

Under these structures and with the aim of safeguarding that the oil reaped from this range is superb, quantity hitherto is sacrificed in place of quality. Our produce is of upper value, boasting a delicate scent yet full bodied spicy after-feel and a low acidity which remains steady year-after-year. We find that it is excellent in use in preparing Mediterranean dishes, especially when utilized with the ‘slow cooking’ method.

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