Plum Olives


Plum olives are carefully gathered by hand, at the right time of ripening to protect the fruit, from trees grown in selected olive groves. They are naturally ripened by the sun. Plum Olives are traditionally cured in brine with salt & lemon, that allows them to naturally season.

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Damaskinoelià Olives

Plum Olives (Damaskinoelià also known as “Orchas Olive”) is a descendant of a very old Greek olive strain known as “Orchemon” as is found in the writings of ancient Greek authors. The tree produces the largest olive fruit in size, often exceeding 20 gr with a characteristic conical-cylindrical shape which is also known by the local name “Gaidourelià” (donkey olive). It is a firm, robust, green and meaty olive. Its rich flesh matches its imposing size.
As in the old established way, this variety is also picked and handled by hand and then is fermented naturally in water and sea salt for the appropriate time. Some of these olives are marinated in lemon juice and some in vinegar, offering two delicate options. Plum olives represent our best-seller olive type and give to your table a fresh fruity delicacy that is used as a classic Greek ‘meze’ appetizer with the assortment combinations of cold meats, cheeses and wine but also as an accompaniment to any small meal.


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