Extra Virgin Olive Oil tasting experience


A unique Extra Virgin olive oil tasting experience at the comfort of your own place.

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Extra Virgin Olive oil tasting experience is a chance for those who wish to gain knowledge about olive tree growing and olive oil production from the comfort of their house inviting their friends and relatives to a unique live meeting with a specialist from our family.

The presentation includes information about:

  • introduction of olive trees growing in Greece since ancient times.
  • olive tree cultivation and growing in our Estate.
  • What olive tree farmers do throughout the year
  • The six different varieties of olive oil which are produced in our organic estate.
  • Information about harvesting.
  • How to distinguish the extra virgin olive oil
  • olive oil production(stages of olive oil production in the olive mill)
  • acidity and proper bottling,storage.
  • You receive the olive oil tasting box before the live meeting.(samples of six different varieties and the appropriate equipment)
  • We arrange the date and time of the meeting.
  • We connect through a zoom meeting platform.
  • English-speaking specialist
  • Duration 1,5 – 2 hours.
  • Maximum number of participants for each olive oil box 6 people.