Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Wild

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Health – Protective Olive Oil.
Unique and rare. Homer’s liquid gold. A health-protective product valuable due to its beneficial effect to our organism. Ancient Greek’s longevity secret.

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Wild Olive Trees

Extra Virgin Olive Oil stemming from wild ancient trees located in a hard to find mountainous terrain within our Estate. These ancient trees exist within a remote region that stretches on hillsides (80-150 m. high) in the greater area of South-Eastern Peloponnese in a landscape wholly free of chemicals or pesticides. Due to the elevated altitude of the slope, the temperature is higher during the winter while the properties needed for cultivation are linked to the rocky ground which ensures effective drainage of the soil. Their south planting orientation as well as their well-tended groves are noteworthy, as well as the surrounding frenzy of wild herbs and flowers which metastasize onto the organoleptic character of this highly sophisticated oil.
Wild Extra Virgin Olive Oil is hard to come by. Its foliage is small in scale, its growth is slow, and its fruit is compact with a low yield of oil. On average, 20 to 30 kilos of fruit are necessary to yield 1 liter of wild EVOO, which is why only a few manufacturers in the world produce it.
When properly harvested and pressed, the oil stemming from the wild olive tree contains maximum concentrations of pharmaceutically significant substances. In isolation, wild EVOO has four times the therapeutic elements of an average EVOO. Our wild selection conforms to higher standards required by pharmaceutical products, holding a strong health claim (EU Health Claim 432/2012). It is cold pressed without its kernel and provides significant organoleptic propensities, distinctive identity, a refined taste of wild nature while being a rejuvenating panacea for the whole body.

Some of the major health benefits of Wild EVOO:

  • Lowers harmful cholesterol (LDL) in the blood
  • Lowers blood pressure & helps treat hypertension
  • Helps the smooth functioning of the arteries & prevents the formation of blood clots
  • Due to its content of vitamin E, helps the smooth aging process and is essential for the elderly
  • Helps the proper functioning of the metabolism and is essential for those suffering from diabetes, because it balances sugar
  • Proves to be a balm for the stomach, as it strengthens the digestive system and reduces the risk of developing stomach ulcers and gastritis
  • Contributes to the proper functioning of the brain, as well as to good bone health, in particular for young children, as it helps in the absorption of calcium

Our Recommendation: For maximized results we recommend that you consume two tablespoons of your desired Raw Medicinal EVOO Daily, half an hour before your breakfasts, followed by a tall glass of water !

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