Dry Red Wine Lady of the Vineyards 750ml


Inspired by the homonymous poem of our famous poet Yiannis Ritsos. We created this series of wines from the Historical Estate of Liotrivi with respect to history, to nature and to tradition.

The aromas and flavors are highlighted from a combination of the local variety Agiorgitiko and the French Merlot, as the traditional method of production is used.

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Agiorgitiko, a noble gastronomic chameleon of the Peloponnese has been combined with the famous French variety of Merlot which is a truly passe-par-tout for food. This successful alchemic brew provides a unique wine of medium body and acidity with fine tannins and a lasting aftertaste. The color varies from medium crimson to deep ruby. As the barrel truly expands its aromatic capability, we have let it mature for at least two years, giving depth, potency and complexity to the notes of vanilla and sweet tobacco that characterize it.

From the vineyards of the Liotrivi Estate where the harvest is carried out manually and the wine has ripened at a controlled temperature in oak barrels.

This wine can match with various dishes of different style and cuisine as well as with cheeses, cold cuts and game. A more specific proposition however, suggests:

A rich burgundy Lady of the Vines asks for company some tender braised beef, a classical piglet with plums, rich pasta dishes with exuberant sauces, pork with quinces, meatballs in tomato sauce or stuffed aubergines/ courgettes in a lake of bechamel and sweet spices. For more exotic options, she fits perfectly with roast duck in sauces (barbeque, teriyaki, hoisin), as well as juicy burgers with caramelized onions in brioche buns. As such, the contrast of the acidity with its fairly ripe fruit is ideal for sweet, sour as well as piquant dishes.”

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16°-17°C / 61°-63°F

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