Organic Dry Red Wine Vineyards Monemvasia 750ml


Organic Agiorgitiko. Aged for 5 years in old oak barels.
Red Dry wine produced from organically grown grapes, Agiorgitiko variety cultivated in the vineyards of the Liotrivi Estate in Monemvasia with respect to tradition, history and nature. Traditional winemaking product.

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Vineyards of MONEMVASIA

Monemvasias Vineyards – DRY RED

An aged organic red Agiorgitiko which represents our best seller and is a truly charming proposal in the accompaniment of fine meals. Having aged for five years in oak barrels, it has completely evolved its organoleptic characteristics, ensuring complex aromatic and maximized taste capacity, velvety tannins and a lasting aftertaste. Excellent wine that offers a bright ruby color, medium body, elegant structure and balanced acidity. The leading notes panoramically envelop the mouth with fragrant sweet spices, earthy aromas from oak wood, dark chocolate, in a finishing sensation of ripely red fruit jam.

From the vineyards of Liotrivi Organic Estate where the harvest is carried out manually from the middle to the end of September and the wine ripens at a controlled temperature in oak barrels.

The oak dimension of this aged wine is gastronomically delightful with sticky versions of food preparation such as sultry risottos, grilled vegetables, smoked/ red meat cooked in a wood oven or charcoal barbeque, in the accompaniment of gourmet velvet soups as well as dishes consisting of aromatically enhanced sweet red sauces, such as stews or roasts in the oven.

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14°-16°C / 57°-61°F

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Aged Oak Barrel Wine, Organic Wine