Premium Dry White Wine Liotrivi Estate 750ml


A feast of aromas and flavors, presenting bright golden color, complex exuberant aromas, crisp acidity with an initially shy yet vividly ‘fiery’ aftertaste that unfolds gradually and lasts.

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Admittedly one of the noblest varieties of white vines within our vineyard, our signature Premium White comprises of a combination of aromatic Moschofilero, fruity Kydonitsa and refreshing Malagouzia, inventing a wine with an elegant bouquet of floral aromas and fresh herbal notes that truly plays with the senses. The combination of the dominant and most renowned Peloponnesian white varieties brings forth this rare expression that for experts is of top class and not mistakenly. Its organoleptic characteristics and aromas are harmonious yet paradoxically encompass an explosive confusion of white jasmine blossoms, citrus, tropical fruits with suggestions of basil and peach being only some of those that emerge within the glass.

From the vineyards of Liotrivi Estate where the harvest is carried out manually between mid-August to mid-September and the wine is stored in oxygen-isolated stainless still tanks.

The highly aromatic composition of the Premium White signature blend along with its vivid freshness makes it a wonderful accompaniment to gourmet seafood options flavored with fennel, such as mussel or shrimp risotto or exuberant lobster/crayfish-pasta. In addition, it fits perfectly with all sorts of grilled seafood such as prawn, grouper or octopus as well as quality fillets of fresh fish such as snappers, red porgy, sea bream, murmur, grouper or swordfish. It can also coexist delightfully with lightly refined land options while it can also be idyllically combined with fresh fruit desserts (such as tarts, cheesecakes or exotic upside-down cakes).

Serving temperature

7°-9°C / 45°-48°F

Method of production: Pre-fermented cold extraction for 12 hours. Thereafter, fermentation in stainless steel tanks within controlled temperature conditions.

Alcohol content


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