Semi-sweet White Wine Lady of the Vineyards 750ml


Inspired by the homonymous poem of our famous poet Yiannis Ritsos. We created this series of wines from the Historical Estate of Liotrivi with respect to history, to nature and to tradition.

The aromas and flavors are highlighted from white local varieties, as the traditional method of production for semi sweet wines is used.

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A distinctively superior wine expression based on the authentic vineyards, recipes and methodologies utilized by our predecessors who produced the famed wine of “Malvasia” that held a prominent position in the courtyards of royals in Europe.  It combines a distinct origin, representative of a rare generation, while at the same time encapsulating charming organoleptic characteristics that immediately fascinate lovers of aromatic and round white wines. Crafted from sturdy ripe local grapes that are collected and processed by hand before being sunbathed in the sun for 10 days. This methodology proliferates both the aromatic capacity of the fruit as well as its acidity, since in this way, apart from the sugars, there is also a multiplication of the natural acids of the grape. The result is an elegant wine with a particularly floral sensation of white-fleshed fruits and an attractively bright crisp ivory color with green highlights.

From the vineyards of Liotrivi Estate where the harvest is carried out manually at the end of September and the wine is stored in oxygen-isolated stainless still tanks.

The elegantly aromatic Lady of the Vines asks for her summer platters some fresh fruit, light pastries, white chocolate or milk desserts, millefeuilles, apple pies, tiramisus and in contrast desires the combination of intense cheese assortments such as Brie, Blue Stilton, Goat’s cheese, as well as Olives. It can also very pleasantly be enjoyed alone as an Aperitif.

Serving temperature

8°-10°C / 46°-50°F

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