Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Athinoelia

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Athinoelia Variety “Fruit Flavor” – Olive of Godess Athina.
Historical and rare variety that we cutivate exclusively in Laconia and especially in the Municipality of Monemvasia. Its olive oil is distinguished by its excellent quality and fruity taste.

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The variety of Athinoelia in Greek translated as “Athena” olive tree

The variety of Athinoelia (in Greek translated as “Athena” olive tree) is a historically acclaimed EVOO that has been exclusively cultivated in southern Lakonia, in the municipality of Monemvasia, Peloponnese since the age of Homer (1200 BC). Known as a sacred variety denoting to the Goddess Athena, it is a sporadic and precious variation due to its demanding nature that requires careful care in its agronomy while the fruit is susceptible to high altitudes and strong cold winds.

The oil can be distinguished by its characteristic golden-green color and its robust fruitiness with the prevailing notes of citrus fruits and almonds. Its taste is powerfully fresh, harmonious and well balanced with a delicately spicy finish. As it has been praised for its bold aromatic capacity, while boasting a high amount of polyphenols, we suggest that it should be enjoyed raw in its natural state or as an additive at the end of cooking. As such, it is idyllic for salads, cold dishes and spreads.

Our produce, once again, is of superb merit with a low acidity of less than 0.3% and represents our best-seller across all of our olive oil selections.

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