Dry White Wine Lady of the Vineyards 750ml


Inspired by the homonymous poem of our famous poet Yiannis Ritsos. We created this series of wines from the Historical Estate of Liotrivi with respect to history, to nature and to tradition.

The aromas and flavors are highlighted from local varieties Kidonitsa & Malagouzia, as a traditional method of production is used.

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The local varieties of Kydonitsa and Malagouzia coexist in this exceptional white wine, in a marriage of flavors and aromas that fascinates. Kydonitsa, known as a delightful group of almost “extinct” and sparse varieties of the vine (with domineering notes of ripe quince) in combination with the intense, extremely expressive nose of Malagouzia (unfolding hints of peach, green pepper, basil and wildflowers) give an extremely attractive expression  of wine with dynamic complexity. The result is a vibrant white wine with rich yellow hues that unfolds multifaceted aromas of yellow fruits, melon, peach, banana and citrus. In the mouth, the wine is round and full, but always fresh with balanced acidity and with a fragrant aftertaste that lasts.

From the vineyards of Liotrivi Estate where the harvest is carried out manually at the end of September and the wine is stored in oxygen-isolated stainless still tanks.

The bright white, musky and fragrant Lady of the Vines is ideally combined with white grilled meats/poultry, salads and savory/fatty cheeses. It is particularly flexible with all kinds of vegetables, regardless of their cooking method, even with artichokes and asparagus that are known for their difficulty in combination with wine.

Serving temperature

7°-9°C / 45°-48°F

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