Premium Dry Black Wine Liotrivi Estate 750ml


A mature fortified wine that bestows refined character and etiquette blended solely through the black varieties of late harvested fruit from Agiorgitiko, Mavrodaphne and Merlot. The final product yields a stunning condensed vinification characterized by a deep mauve color.

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Unrivaled, Premium Black boasts a bold character and successful recognition by qualified connoisseurs. In the mouth it expresses excellent density of medium body. It charms with its musky tannins and the sense of mocha in the remaining aftertaste. The controlled aging of the wine for 5 years in oak barrels plays a leading role for its definitive color, aromatic density and rare flavor. The intricate and exuberant sensations of wild black fruits such as cherries and berries, clues of cocoa and plum jam are entangled with hints of coffee, butter candy and tobacco. Our most recognized barrel-aged version offers an opulent flavor enriched with complexity, moderate acidity and a stout vintage aftertaste.

From the vineyards of the Liotrivi Estate where the harvest is carried out manually and the wine has ripened at a controlled temperature in oak barrels.

The warm ripe aromas of the aristocratic Premium Black signature blend can be harmoniously combined with red meats in sauce (pepper, mushroom, gravy) as well as with rare game cuts of deer or wild boar. It can also be beautifully paired with any type of roasted meat or vegetable, as well as with more traditional dishes such as wild goose on the pot, lemon goat with roasted potatoes, pork with quinces, or sweetly spiced moussaka. Notably, its prominent appeal is perfect for closing any spectacular meal and as such can used as a splendid digestif. We recommend that there’s something thrilling in the combination of the aromatic complexity and alcoholic spark within Premium Black when utilized as a digestif that loosens tongues and warms the hearts!”.

Serving temperature

17°-18°C / 63°-65°F

Method of production: Pre-fermented extraction and maturation at 22°C-25°C/72°F-77°F for 5 years in oak barrels.

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Aged Oak Barrel Wine