Semi-dry Rose Wine Ampelofilos 750ml


Ampelofilos comes from the most elegant Greek variety Aghiorgitiko with roots that are lost deep in the Monemvasia land.

Cultivated in the vineyards of the LIOTRIVI estate in Monemvasia with respect to tradition, history and nature. One of the most interesting and characteristic wines, product of traditional winemaking.

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MONEMVASIA Ampelofilos - Friend of Vineyard

Monemvasia Local Wine – SEMI-DRY ROSE

Rosé that brings the best out of Agiorgitiko – and Agiorgitiko that bestows a supreme rosé. It is pleasant to drink at the table, but also away from it. Cool, it brings forth typical fruity aromas, harmonious acidity and a hint of tannins that are valuable in their combination with meat as well as in their accompaniment to fruit desserts. The semi-dry vinification grants a wine with a bright rose color like rose petals and a refreshing aftertaste. It is distinguished by the delicate aromas of small fruit red fruits with a predominance of strawberry and cherry.

From the vineyards of Liotrivi Estate where the harvest is carried out manually at the end of September and the wine is stored in oxygen-isolated stainless still tanks.

It is perfectly combined in the accompaniment of appetizers, light meats as well as in the assortment of sweets, tarts, fruit salads & creams. It is also flawless purely as an aperitif.

Serving temperature

9°-12°C / 48°-54°F

Alcohol content


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